I hope that most of what’s communicated in this blog is clear. However, I know there are some terms that probably need clarification. If you’re not sure what I mean by something, this is the page to look. If you would like anything else explained, feel free to let me know.

delicious heresy – This describes something that tastes great, but that is not true to the original recipe it was adapted from. Substituting rice crispy treats for shortbread in millionaire’s shortbread was the genesis of this term. Delicious, sure, but heresy as far as purists are concerned. (I understand the concern.)

delicious mistake – This describes something that tastes great, but that does not work as intended. Examples of this are cookies that fall apart and pies that don’t set properly. Are they delicious? Yes. Did they turn out “correct”? Nope.

frankenstein – (v) – to combine two or more recipes together, taking parts of each, and turn them into something new

millionaire’s – This originally referred to millionaire’s shortbread, a recipe with shortbread, caramel, and chocolate. (I assume it’s because they’re so rich.) I’ve since adapted the recipe, and I now use the concept to describe other recipes that are similarly constructed.

snack foods inside – I enjoy snack foods. Pretzels, chips, and the like are delicious as is. However, sometimes they make it into baked goods. (Well, I put them there, they don’t make it on their own.) Recipes with this tag have some kind of yummy snack food in them.


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