The metric system rocks. Granted, the measurement system we use in the US is quirky and fun, and it’s an underdog as far as measurement systems go, which kind of makes you want to root for it. But when you’re changing recipes around, or need to make a quick fix to a recipe you accidentally added too much of something into, having to do all the calculations on the fly can slow down the cooking mojo.

There are other practical considerations as well. Because you’re measuring solid ingredients in mass, not volume, it’s much easier. Measuring 200g of cookie crumbs is easy: just put them on a scale and you’re done. Measuring “about 3 cups crumbs” means you would have to crush a bunch of cookies, then measure the crumbs to see if you need more. Repeat several times until you have enough. And unless you’re lucky, you’ll probably end up with a whole bunch of extra crumbs you don’t need.

If you don’t have a scale, and a digital one at that, you should totally get one if you can. Besides what I mentioned above, there are a lot of ways it makes things easier. For solid foods that are more irregularly shaped than flour or sugar (like potato chips), it’s much more accurate to measure by mass than volume (assuming your recipe provides that information). It also makes cleanup a snap. I have plastic measuring cups and spoons that don’t go well in the dishwasher, which means washing each and every individual one by hand. If I use the scale, I can put a bowl on there, use it to measure whatever I want, and then just put it in the dishwasher. Easy.

The other benefit of a digital scale is that it any decent digital scale makes it easy to switch between different measurement systems. If you don’t like the metric system, you can measure in ounces or pounds or whatever else you like and still get the same benefits.
So to sum up, I’m a big fan of measuring smarter, not harder. How has measuring worked for you?

One thought on “Measuring

  1. OldCountryGirl

    I used a scale all the time back in Germany. Everybody does. It started here in the US, that I use the measuring cups. I still do both … and I think the cups are coming to Germany, too, now!

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