Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s post out to y’all. It’s been a bit of a busy and chaotic week on both the home front and the work front, so I haven’t had time to bake or write or much of anything else.

So this week I again dig back into the Needs Baked archives with another post from my soon to be hit series “Recipes of Future Past“. Snickerdoodles. They have such a funny, lovely name. It seems to fit them, actually. I know some people are really into them, but they weren’t really a passion of mine in that way.

They’re such an easy cookie to make. You most likely have all of the ingredients sitting around. (Except maybe cream of tartar, although I’m sure you could substitute something for that, or possibly find a recipe that doesn’t use it.) They don’t take a lot of effort. And they’re delicious. I think one day I wanted to make something easy, and I ended up deciding on these.

As I recall, they were quite yummy. Sweet and cinammony as they should be. Soft and chewy. A light but fulfilling cookie. Also, I think I might have made them smaller than intended by the recipe, because looking at the pictures, I made a lot of them.

So, about the name. According to Wikipedia, it could come from the German word “Schneckennudel”, which is also an awesome name. The linguist in me can see that word turning into the word “Snickerdoodle”.

Snickerdoodle is also the name of a dog. One that you’ve probably never seen or heard of. It’s the name of our imaginary dog. Yes, you heard that right. We have an imaginary dog. My wife really likes dogs, but we’re not allowed to have any in our apartment. So we have an imaginary one. He’s a rust colored toy poodle, and his name is Snickerdoodle. He’s adorable. Or he would be if he were real. Every once in a while when we see a real dog that looks like how we imagine he would look like if he were real, we joke that it’s Snickerdoodle’s cousin. I’m not sure if he likes the cookies he’s named after, but it wouldn’t surprise me, as who doesn’t.

As is often the case with these posts about old baking adventures, I’m not quite sure what recipe I used for them. I’m fairly sure I didn’t use cream of tartar, as I never really have that on hand. So I’ll bet the recipe didn’t call for it, or I substituted something for it, as hinted above. If you want to make them, there are a million recipes out there. I imagine that the ones I made could have been something like this one or this one, but I don’t know for sure.

My apologies also for the low-quality pictures. Many of the pictures from the Needs Baked pictures vault are unfortunately of low-quality.

Do you have a favorite Snickerdoodle recipe? Do you have a good cream of tartar substitution? Any imaginary pets in your life? Drop me a note below!


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