Skillet Biscuit Bread

I have a huge list of recipes that are on my “to do” list. You have one of those, right? As I’m browsing the web, I come across tons of interesting looking recipes, and I add them to a list. I like to think that I’ll get to them soon, but given the number of recipes I come across and the number of hours in the day, it’s never as soon as I would like.


This one has been on my list for a while, but I should have done it so much sooner, as it’s super quick and easy. Start to finish, it wasn’t much more than 20 minutes.


I usually do pictures of the ingredients in every post. And while they aren’t always the most interesting pictures of the bunch, I like this particular one for two reasons. One, because it reminds me that from simple ingredients come great things. And two, for the little detail you might have noticed. There’s baking soda in the picture. However, the recipe called for baking powder. Thankfully, in between photographing it and using it, I realized that I had grabbed the wrong thing. Phew.

Dough just added.

Dough just added.

As I mentioned, this was very easy to make. I mixed all of the ingredients together. I had one minor mistake. I had read through the instructions a little while ago, but I hadn’t read all the way through on the night I was making it. I forgot that the extra few tablespoons of water were for once it was in the pan. I added that extra water to the dough by mistake, but it was still okay.

Ready to flip.

Ready to flip.

I used our cast-iron skillet to make it. If you don’t know anything about cast-iron skillets, you should check them out. They are the definition of old school, and they are nonstick the old-fashioned way. They also last a long time. My mom has one that’s been in the family for generations. When you’re cooking with something like that, you get to remember history and think of all the people who have cooked before you.

Flipped and cooking.

Flipped and cooking the other side.

I love ours. It’s one of the best wedding gifts we got. (You might have noticed some of the other ones, like the KitchenAid and Silpats, which have also been outstanding.) It doesn’t have a cover, so I borrowed one from a similarly sized pan to cover it while cooking.

Fresh from the skillet!

Fresh from the skillet!

It cooked quickly like the recipe said it would. It was fun to watch the oil creep up around it, and to watch and hear the bread bubble, sizzle, and cook. Parts of it got a little charred, so maybe I should have spread the oil around a little better.


And for the million dollar question: how was it? It was nice! I let it sit for a little bit, then cut off some pieces to eat. I tried it with and without butter. It was good either way. It’s simple, yummy bread. Chewy inside, slightly crispy outside. It reminded me a little bit of naan, which is similar in size and shape and is also sometimes slightly charred in places.


I cut up the rest of it to have another time. And a couple of days later, we had a bunch of it for lunch. It made great impromptu sandwiches and faux bruschetta.

All in all it was an easy and tasty recipe, and I would definitely recommend it. It’s a great choice if you need bread really quickly. Do you have any bread recipes that are fast? Or other favorite fast recipes? Let me know in the comments below!

Recipe courtesy of This Week For Dinner.

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