World Peace Cookies

Given all that’s happening in the world today, I truly wish that these cookies could bring about world peace. If that were the case, I would happily make them non-stop until that happened. Now to be sure, bringing about world peace is kinda part of their pedigree. They’re named world peace cookies because one time they were made, the person having them thought that if everyone ate these cookies it would bring about world peace. I would be very happy if that’s all it took. I guess we’ll never know unless we try, right? 😉


I made these for my family’s 4th of July party. (You can read some of the history of this party in this earlier post.) I wanted something big enough for a crowd, easy to transport, and that would last a few days because I was making the recipe ahead of time. I found lots of fun recipes, but I settled on this one because it checked all the boxes.

Chopped up chocolate. Yum!

Chopped up chocolate. Yum!

For the chocolate, I used Trader Joe’s Super Dark 73%. I was trying to figure out the difference between bittersweet and semisweet. According to this article at least, there seems to not be a difference. So I went for the one that seemed darkest. I chopped it all up by hand into little chunks.


It was a pretty easy recipe. Thank you KitchenAid for helping to make it easy. I love setting it to mix things and going off to do something else. It’s like an extra set of hands. (Hey look ma, more hands!) I didn’t use a towel over the bowl like suggested, rather I used the KitchenAid pouring shield (and my hand a little bit). It worked out well.

Dough logs.

Dough logs.

I mixed in the chocolate by hand. In the dough it looked like chocolate looks in ice cream. (Now I know what to do next time I make ice cream. 🙂 )

First batch, ready to bake.

First batch, ready to bake.

Following smitten kitchen’s own comment in the comments section below the recipe (and matching my own lack of time to wait around), I ended up sticking the dough in the freezer. It ended up hanging out there for about an hour. That might have been too long, as it was a little hard to cut the dough until it warmed up a bit.

First batch, fresh from the oven. The perspective is very close to the before picture, so you can compare.

First batch, fresh from the oven. The perspective is very close to the before picture, so you can compare.

I had measured out the inch and a half diameter for the dough logs initially. And I measured out the half-inch for the first cookie, but the rest I just guessed on, using that first one as a guide. They were mostly close to that size, although mileage varied a little bit. Some of them did break apart as the recipe warned was possible, but I just smooshed them back together.


So I chopped off slices to make the cookies and then I baked them. I used Silpats for the first two batches, and then since they were still cooling, I used parchment paper for the third batch. (3 batches x 12 cookies per batch, for a total of 36 cookies.) Some of the cookies got a little warm while they were sitting out as I was cutting cookies for the sheet. The last sheet I stuck back in the fridge for a bit before baking to help counter that.

Second batch.

Second batch.

I did one sheet at a time as instructed and set them to cool still on the sheet, on a cooling rack. I put the cooling rack in the living room, as who has that kind of room in the kitchen. 😉 They looked really nice. They didn’t smell overly chocolately or sweet. They were more subtle. I let them cool and put them away.

Third batch.

Third batch.

I tried one the next night. They were really good! A good, solid chocolate cookie. As much as I would like to think it’s possible, I don’t know that they will bring about world peace, but I think they’re good cookies. My wife liked them as well, probably more than me.


I brought them to the party. After I made them, I had left them in the freezer as the party was a few days away. I took them out of the freezer to travel, and I put them back in the freezer once I got to my destination. They traveled really well. I took them out the day of the party.


There was a whole lot of dessert competition at the party. I’m not saying that there was an official competition with prizes and everything. (Although, idea! 😉 ) However, lots of people brought dessert. But even in the face of such competition, they went over well. People really enjoyed them. They were amused by the story of the name. I got comments on how good they were. And one person in particular thanked me for catering to the dark chocolate lovers.


The recipe made three dozen cookies. I brought two dozen to the party (and came back with none). That left one dozen at home in the freezer, minus the taste testing we did. My wife doesn’t want to part with them so quickly. So they’re hanging out in the freezer for a while.


These are easy to make and delicious. So, yes please make them if you enjoy chocolate. Or if you want world peace, because hey, you never know. Speaking of which, do you have any recipes that are so good you think they could bring about world peace? I’d love to hear, so let me know in the comments below!

Recipe courtesy of smitten kitchen.


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