Pretzel Toffee Brownies

Our memories are important to who we are, and have great power in our lives. But I was recently reminded that forgetting can also be a powerful thing. This lesson is brought to you through another recipe from the Needs Baked archives, another of my recipes of future past, as life has gotten in the way of baking recently. I was reminded of this recipe the other day when I was reading another blog.

Here’s the story. One day, many moons ago, I went looking for a brownie recipe, and I came across the one I used for the brownies pictured here. I made it, it was good, and my life went on its merry way. However, this was before I had started the blog, so I wasn’t keeping track of recipes.

Apparently everything was blurry that far in the past.

Apparently everything was blurry that far in the past.

Some time after I made it, I thought I would make it again. I went searching for the recipe, but I couldn’t remember which one I used. I searched for a while, but I was unable to find it. That made me sad. 😦 But I already had my heart set on making these again, so I had to find another recipe. Back to the internet! (Much less grueling than back to the mines, I would presume.)


After much searching, I found and settled on another recipe. You’ve seen that one already. It’s the Baked brownie with pretzels and toffee. That one was delicious. This one was good (it must have been for me to want to make it again), but that one was much better. So in some sense, I have to thank myself for losing track of this one, as it led me to that one.

What possessed me to make this one in the first place I don’t know. Was it an interest in toffee? A yearning for pretzels? Unfortunately, that is lost to the sands of time. But it brought me eventually to the Baked brownie recipe, which is amazing, and is now my go to brownie recipe, pretzels and toffee or no.


So as I said, these were good. If I could find the recipe, I might be curious enough to try making them again to see what the difference was. But with a much more delicious recipe in tow, I’m not that motivated.

But it begs the question, how many pretzel toffee brownie recipes are out there? It’s an interesting idea, but it’s not universal like chocolate chip cookies. Now I’m curious, who came up with it first? Anyone have any good techniques for recipe forensics?


As I said, I don’t know what recipe I used back then. A little more digging now makes me think that the below recipe is a possible candidate. But we’ll never know for sure. If you try it, let me know how it is. I would also recommend the Baked brownie recipe above, as I know you can’t go wrong there.

Possible recipe source: Recipe Girl.


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