Blue Cheese Scallion Drop Biscuits

Little did I know this would be the start of the Buttermilk Chronicles. It’s kinda like the Chronicles of Narnia, except without the lion, the witch, or the wardrobe. And not as epic. And not nearly as long. But other than all that, really, totally the same. 😉 Because this saga started without me really knowing I was undertaking it, you’ll hear more about it in future posts. But for now, on to the biscuits!


The inspiration for this recipe was pretty mundane, about as far from epic as you could get. It was born of practicality. Like many people, I don’t have a lot of time for breakfast. So I grab something I store-bought. It’s generally decent, but usually full of sugar. I wanted to have something better. So, I decided to make it myself. I went looking for muffin recipes, as I figured that would be my best option, but before I got to any great muffins I came across this. I really love smitten kitchen, but I hadn’t used one of her recipes in a while. I knew I would have nothing to worry about though, because when has she ever steered me wrong? (Quick answer: never. Not once.)


The recipe was very simple. I did have to go out and get scallions, blue cheese, and buttermilk, though. They were so easy to make. (How easy? Upon delighting in one of them that I brought in to work, and me mentioning to him how easy they were to make, one of my baking averse coworkers asked for the recipe so he could try them out.) I measured out the ingredients. I chopped up the scallions, mixed it all together. And voilà! The blue cheese took the longest. I had gotten a chunk of blue cheese and had to crumble it cut it up myself. I didn’t mix in the butter with my hands. Rather, I used my trusty pastry blender. (When I say “trusty”, I mean I trust it to blend dough for use in baked goods. I don’t trust it to water my plants or do my taxes. I have my limits.)


The most interesting challenge was: how do you measure a bowl of dough into 12 equal portions? Consult a zodiac chart? Ask Pythagoras? Guess? This isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with this issue, so I’ve been working on an easy way to do it. Here’s the “trick”. I smooshed all the dough down into the bottom of the bowl and spread it out as evenly as I could. (For those keeping track, yes, “smoosh” is an industry term.) Then I used a knife and cut a line down the middle. Then a line perpendicular to that, so now it was in quarters. Then I cut each quarter into three wedges, which made 12 total portions. It wasn’t exact, I was eyeballing it all the way, but it was pretty good. Maybe it’s silly, but I’m proud of myself for coming up with that. It’s not a big deal, but it’s not insignificant.


I lined the baking sheets with pre-cut parchment sheets. (They’re handy.) I didn’t have one baking sheet big enough, so I used two. I scooped out the 12 pieces of dough and put them on the sheets. I tried to put both sheets in the middle as directed, but one sheet was too long to fit so I had to turn it sideways. I put the other sheet beneath it.


I baked them for half the time then rotated top and bottom & front and back to even things out before cooking for the other half. I cooked them for the minimum amount of time. 16 minutes, 8 in each half. They were done. Nice and brown. I pulled them off (parchment paper and all) right onto the cooling rack. I let them cool a little bit before trying one.


Wow. It had started while they were baking, the scent wafting in from the kitchen. It was the blue cheese. It wasn’t some lame-o cheese, this was some serious cheese. And how did they taste? Very nice. The biscuit itself was kinda amazing. It was soft, moist, and rich. Yummy. I didn’t taste the scallions that much, but the blue cheese? Wow, you could really taste it. It wasn’t overpowering, but definitely present. (These are not to be had if you don’t like blue cheese.)


I brought some in to work the next day. Everyone went gaga over them. I shared some with people in my department. Other people were walking by and were like, whoa what’s that? So I shared a few with others too. People really, really liked them.


I had had one the night before fresh out of the oven, but I didn’t actually get to have another one until after work that day. (I got busy handing them out and then caught up in, you know, doing work. 😉 ) When I got home and tried another one, I realized why people enjoyed them so much. They were even better. Much better than the night before. I’m not sure if they needed time for the flavors to sink in or what, but they were much, much better the second day.


My wife also brought some in to work. Her coworkers loved them, too. One of them even got me a card to say thank you, and wrote a haiku. This is officially my first thank you haiku:

I am so happy

All for this morning’s surprise

Does a snoopy dance


So these were definitely a good choice. But I’m still on the lookout for other recipes. Do you have any good recipes for breakfasty things that are good on the go? I’d love to try some other ones out.

Recipe courtesy of smitten kitchen.


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