Simply the Best Berry Crumble

For those of you following along, you might remember that the chocolate chip shortbread I made last week was good but crumbly. So I had a lot of shortbread crumbs leftover, and I wanted to find something to do with them all. I thought maybe I could use them for a pie crust or a muffin crumble topping. Or maybe I could make them into truffles somehow? I did a bunch of research, but nothing jumped out at me.

Then I came across this recipe. It was simple and awesome. And, bonus points, I didn’t have to run out and get anything. It was designed to be used with any fruit you want, and I happened to have some fruit.


The ingredients consisted of the shortbread crumbs leftover from the last recipe. Plus a bag of frozen berries. Easy.

So this recipe served as the template. I didn’t use the shortbread recipe part of it. Rather, I just used the shortbread crumbs I had. I measured out how much I had in the way of crumbs. It was about 8 ounces.

So I used a proportional amount of fruit too. Well, sorta. I had a bag of frozen berries. The recipe said to slightly heat them. I started with half the bag (half the bag was 8 ounces so proportionally the right amount). I put the fruit in the microwave for about two minutes. It didn’t seem like much at all, so I used the rest of the bag. Once the fruit was heated and the liquid steamed off, I figured it would be closer to proportional. They ended up with a little bit of liquid, which I left in with them. And I didn’t use any of the optional sugar.

The fruit, heated up and ready to go.

The fruit, heated up and ready to go.

I thought that since the shortbread had already been cooked, I didn’t want it to get over cooked and dried out. So I figured the extra liquid would be good to keep it from getting too dry. I also kept the crumbs in the fridge during prep. I figured their being cold would help as well. All I did to prepare the crumbs was smoosh them with a fork into smaller crumbs.

The fruit topped with shortbread crumbs.

The fruit topped with shortbread crumbs.

I used my good old standby 8 x 8 glass baking dish, which, coincidentally, I usually use for millionaire’s shortbread. I put in the fruit and crumbled the shortbread on top. It seemed like just enough.

The fruit, with crumbs. Side view.

The fruit, with crumbs. Side view.

I baked it for only 20 minutes at first just in case. It smelled great while baking. I smelled the fruit a little bit at first and then the chocolate towards the end. After 20 minutes it wasn’t quite ready. It was super bubbly, however. (Super Bubbly! What a great superhero idea. Faster than a speeding bubble! Leaps tall bubbles in a single bound!) I probably should have poured out some of the liquid. It wasn’t quite golden brown, so I put it back in for the other 5 minutes.

After that 5 last minutes it definitely looked brown, and baking it longer didn’t seem like it was going to help the consistency at all. The fruit had actually started to thicken at that point, and the shortbread kinda sank in. It looked like mostly fruit with a little shortbread on top. Which makes sense, cause that’s what it was.


It smelled awesomely amazing. It was still bubbling a lot. We figured we would let it cool before eating it. It alternately smelled like fruit and chocolate, which was kinda cool.

After letting it cool for a while, we dug in. The fruit had thickened up a bit at this point. It was so soft, I cut it with a spatula. It was pretty good. It tasted mostly like fruit. And there was the slightest taste of shortbread and chocolate. The cooked fruit kinda reminded me of fruit leather.


The next day we tried heating it up before eating, just a minute or two in the microwave. It was definitely good hot. We had to be careful while heating it though, as heating it too much made it lose its consistency.


I’m glad I found this recipe. It was simple and delicious, used only ingredients I had on hand, and let me use up the shortbread crumbs. Do you have any recipes like that? Something you know you can use to deal with the remains of the previous recipe? I wouldn’t mind having more of those kinds of recipes around, so let me know if you have any to share!


Recipe adapted from Christina’s Cucina. (Shortbread recipe courtesy of Pot of Roses.)


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