Chocolate Drizzled Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week we have another installment of “Recipes of Future Past”. You can read more about why they’re called that in this earlier post. But a quick summary is this: they’re recipes I made long before the blog existed, so details and pictures are scant.

These cookies were pretty good as I remember. Who doesn’t love chocolate, toffee, and then more chocolate? I believe the inspiration for them was a cleaning out the cupboard kinda thing. I had used some toffee in a previous recipe, and rather than let it go to waste, I looked for a recipe to use it up in. These cookies fit the bill. And IIRC, they were pretty easy to make. Take a regular chocolate chip cookie, add in toffee bits, and bake. Then melt some chocolate and drizzle it on top to look fancy (and taste yummy).


I’d like to make these again some day for a couple of reasons. One, these pictures are kinda terrible. My apologies for that. They were taken with a not-as-great camera without any real regard to resolution, lighting, or even focus apparently. So it would be good to get some pictures that do these cookies justice. Also, since they are pretty simple cookies, it would make sense that the chocolate would feature prominently. I’d like to see how they taste with some good quality chocolate.

Since the recipe was made so long ago, I don’t know which one I used. I did some digging around, and while I can’t be sure, this recipe seems like a likely candidate. Even if it wasn’t the one I used, it definitely looks good enough to try.


Have you ever made a cookie like this? Do you have any other recipes with toffee? If so, I’d love to hear about your recipe(s). Or do you have any recipes that either have been lost to the sands of time or that you’ve made so many times you don’t even need the recipe any more? I’d love to hear about those as well. Thanks!


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