Apple Snickerdoodle Blondies

I know that the name sounds like a mouthful, but it’s a tasty mouthful. Think apples, think cinnamon, think sugar. And think yum. Because that’s what these are. You might call them bar cookies, but I’ll go with the name I found them under.

From humble ingredients...

From humble ingredients…

They were made for a friend’s Labor Day BBQ. As soon as I knew it was happening, the first thing I thought of was, “What will I make?” They didn’t have a preference, so I consulted my big list of stuff I’d like to make. This recipe jumped out at me. (Yes, recipes can jump.) It looked fun, yummy, and since the host isn’t a big chocolate fan (no, I don’t understand either), I thought it was a good choice.

Batter up!

Batter up!

They were very easy to make. I made a double recipe, because why just make enough to bring to the party when you can make enough to bring to the party and have some at home, too? It was still easy. Thank you KitchenAid stand mixer. You are quite an aid in the kitchen, so you are aptly named. I mixed the ingredients together and threw them in the baking dish, a 9″ x 13″ Pyrex dish. The name “Pyrex” makes me think that alien pirates are taking over the kitchen. (Don’t worry, they’re not.)

In the dish, ready to bake.

In the dish.

What took the most time was prepping the apples. I peeled them, cored them, and then cut them into large pieces. I used our mini Cuisinart to chop them up further. (It’s also an aid in the kitchen, although not as often.) I learned my lesson from the last time that it’s easier to cut up apples that way. I used the mini because it would be less to clean. They ended up being finely diced rather than chopped. I used two Granny Smith apples. I probably wouldn’t have needed two whole apples, but diced rather than chopped meant more apple for the same volume, as they were smaller pieces.

Cinnamon sugar, freshly mixed.

Cinnamon sugar, freshly mixed.

It looked a little sticky when it was done, so I didn’t follow their suggestion of using my hands to press it into the dish. I used a spatula instead. The dish was lined with parchment paper. But, I used a parchment paper trick to help. I don’t remember where I learned this, but I sprayed a little bit of cooking spray under the parchment paper to help keep it in place. Very helpful! It made putting in the batter much, much easier. And as usual, many thanks to my wife for helping with the cleanup.

With cinnamon sugar, before baking.

With cinnamon sugar, before baking.

I baked it for 25 minutes. It wasn’t quite done at 25, so I put it in for 3 more. It was surely done. It smelled amazing. In fact it started to smell great after it was baking for just a few minutes. It looked great too. My wife said it smelled like Rosh Hashana (due to the apples and cinnamon).

Fresh from the oven.

Fresh from the oven.

Perhaps it was because of the uneven top, but the sugar collected more in some spots. I had just kinda thrown it everywhere when I put it on. In any case, it was an interesting looking topography.

Close-up. Looks kinda cool, no?

Close-up. Looks kinda cool, no?

After letting them cool we tried some, the night before the BBQ, just to see how they were. The answer is, they were delicious. (Shocking, I know.) They were moist, with a nice, slightly crunchy topping. They were kinda like a soft, spongy coffee cake with a subtle apple flavor. (Mmm, I wonder how they would be with an actual coffee cake topping?) All the great flavors of apple, sugar, and cinnamon but not in the form of apple pie.



And at the BBQ? People loved them. I mean, what’s not to love, right? They were the perfect light dessert accompaniment to a delicious but heavy BBQ meal. And since I had made a double recipe, we had plenty to savor later. They were still good after a couple of days. The cinnamon sugar soaked in so they were less crunchy, but still delicious.

Extreme close-up!

Extreme close-up!

Are you a fan of snickerdoodles? Do you have any favorite non-apple pie apple desserts? (That’s a fun sentence to look at, right?) Any non-traditional blondie recipes? I’d love to hear below!

Yum, yum, yum!

And one more for good measure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Recipe courtesy of Rumbly in My Tumbly. (Original recipe from Cookies and Cups.)


5 thoughts on “Apple Snickerdoodle Blondies

  1. Carl Post author

    Cherie, you’re quite welcome. I’m so glad to hear that it worked out for you. I wonder: how much apple is too much apple? ๐Ÿ™‚



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