Icebox Cake – Homemade Edition – Part 2

In case you think you’re having déjà vu, you’re not. Well you might be, but not because of this week’s recipe. I did just make an icebox cake, wafers and all, but that was two weeks before this one. That one only used about half of the wafers. I had enough left over for a second cake. And who wouldn’t want a second icebox cake?

Our lovely KitchenAid, in action.

Our lovely KitchenAid, in action.

Look at it go!

Look at it go!

I had used 40 wafers in the previous one, and after having tasted a couple on their own, there were 37 wafers left for this cake. It was a couple of weeks later, because I was out-of-town the week in between. (See last week’s post if you want to know the wonderful story why.) The wafers were supposed to last that long, and they did.

Whipped cream anyone?

Whipped cream, anyone?

Seriously. There's plenty of whipped cream here.

Seriously. There’s plenty of whipped cream here.

Since it was no longer her birthday, and there was no reason to keep it a surprise, I asked my wife if she wanted to help make the second cake. She did. And for the first time, we used our KitchenAid stand mixer. It was a wedding gift. After we got it, it sat there for a while. Then eventually, we unboxed it. Then it sat there a while again, as neither of us wanted to use it for the first time without the other. We had gotten married 3 1/2 years earlier. So yes, we were a little bit slow, but finally, we were making something together that we could use it on. It was her idea to add it our wedding registry in the first place, and I’m so glad we did.

Making stacks of cookies.

Making stacks of cookies.

Lots of little stacks of yummy cookies.

Lots of little stacks of yummy cookies.

I have to say, it’s kinda awesome. Making the whipped cream was so easy! It took maybe 5 minutes, and the KitchenAid did all the work. It was so much easier than using a hand mixer. I can easily see how this would make a difference in recipe prep times. It’s quicker and you can do other stuff while it’s going. I’m not saying it changed my life. But just between you and me, I think it did. I know I sound maybe a little bit too excited about it, but I’m telling you it’s as great as you think it is. As a side note, you might recall I used my in-laws’ KitchenAid for the previous recipe, and it was interesting to see how little it had changed since theirs was made.

Frosting the cake.

Frosting the cake.

After making the whipped cream, we started assembling the cookies. My wife and I took turns making stacks of 10 cookies, as I had done last time. Because we didn’t have 40 cookies, the last couple stacks were a little smaller. And once all the stacks were done, we took turns frosting the whole thing. Because a couple of the stacks were shorter, it ended up being short on one end. We used whipped cream to even it out. It was all a lie for appearance’s sake, but it did look nicer that way.


We ended up having a lot of whipped cream left over. We might have been a little too spartan on the whipped cream between the cookies. That was my call as I wanted to make sure we had enough (after a previous experience of not having enough). Also contributing to the leftover whipped cream was the fact that we were a few cookies short. We put a lot of frosting on the top and sides to even it out. But even so, we still had a bunch left over. We made fruit parfaits to use up some more.


Ready for your close-up?

Ready for your close-up?

We waited for it to be ready, and then we tried it. It’s still a great dessert. This time the cookies were not absorbed by the whipped cream as much because we had used too little whipped cream between them. So the texture was different. It was a little bit crunchier, but it was still delicious. The cookies had managed to stay fresh. I would say it was equally as good as the previous cake.


I’m glad I decided to break it up into two cakes, as we got to enjoy it over a much longer period of time. It was a lot of fun to get to use the KitchenAid. (Vroom!) And it was a lot of fun to get to make the cake with my wife. We have fun when we make food together.


Have you ever made such a big batch of something that you had to break it up into two batches? Do you ever make desserts with other people? Also, I hear about a lot of different icebox cake recipes out there. Do you have a favorite one? Let me know!


Chocolate wafer recipe courtesy of smitten kitchen. Icebox cake recipe courtesy of Nabisco.


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