Apple Pie – Work Edition – Part 2

So as you may recall from last week, I made a yummy apple pie to bring into work. The story did not end there, though. As I mentioned, there was a second pie involved. I know you were waiting on the edge of your plate to find out what happened. This is that story.

I had made the first pie (on a Sunday), and since I brought it in to work, I had used an aluminum pie pan which was smaller than the size the recipe required. That means I had a bunch of dough and filling left, and I was determined to use it. Also, my friends had seen the first pie before I brought it into work, and they were salivating over it, so I promised that I would make another one so they could have some.

As I mentioned last week, there was a delay in getting to the pie at work. So instead letting that one go bad, I brought it home to eat. (Yum!) That means I had to make the second pie to bring into work.

So late Tuesday night, just after midnight (technically Wednesday morning), I started on the second pie. I don’t know about you, but there’s something fun and perhaps revolutionary about baking late at night. Perhaps it has something to do with breaking conventions and rules?

I was pretty sure there was enough dough and filling left for another whole pie. I hadn’t been sure how soon I would get to it so I had put the remaining dough in the freezer after making the first pie. I had taken it out around 10:30pm. I was worried that it wouldn’t defrost in time but it did.

I followed the directions from memory. Although since I had done all the hard work the first time, I didn’t have to do that much. I just assembled it. I referenced the recipe just to check on the time & temperature at the end.

I preheated the oven. I floured a surface and the dough and rolled out the bottom crust. It wasn’t exactly right, but it was close enough. I put it in a pie pan which was the same size as the one from the previous day. I let it sit and chill while I rolled out the top. It didn’t get to chill as long as it should have, but I left it in as long as possible, and I think it was okay.

I rolled out the top. It also was not exactly right, but close enough. Once I knew I had it decent, I took the bottom out of the fridge, brought out the leftover filling, and filled it up. I didn’t use all the liquid, cause it seemed like too much. The pie wasn’t filled up as much as the first one, but it was pretty much filled.

I topped it with the top crust and curled it under. I had to patch in some of the dough where the bottom wasn’t wide enough in a few places. (I used dough that I ripped off from the overhang to patch it.) When I was done there were a couple of tiny scraps. As my mother’s son, I wanted to hold onto them, but I knew there was nothing I was actually going to do with them and got rid of them. Then I fluted the crust. (“Fluted” is such a great word.)

Almost ready to bake!

Almost ready to bake!

I cut the slits in the top of the crust and did the egg wash. (Like last time, there was too much flour on the crust, which made it hard to do the egg wash.) Then I sprinkled it with sugar. I tried to do it a little more evenly than last time. When all that was done, I turned down the oven and put the pie in around 1am.

Ready to bake!

Ready to bake!

After the first part, I rotated it and turned down the temperature. I only put it back in for 27 minutes. Last time it was maybe a teensy bit too brown, and this one seemed a little smaller. It still smelled great and warm and yummy.

After the first round of baking.

After the first round of baking.

I took it out after the 27 minutes in the second round. The filling was a little bubbly, and the crust was definitely done. (Maybe too done.) A little bit of the filling oozed out this time, but not nearly as much as last time. I put the pie on some paper towels, to deal with the oozing, and then set it on top of a rack to cool.



It smelled like apple pie should. I could see the steam coming off of it. The texture was lovely. I took some close-up pictures. I finished up a little before 2am.

After making arrangements at work, we agreed that Thursday would be pie day. And so it was. We had pie. With ice cream. We meaning me and some of my co-workers. In the middle of the day. For no other reason than we had just decided to. It wasn’t someone’s birthday. No one had gotten a promotion. It was just because.


One guy had a very specific plan for the pie, and since the whole thing was kinda his idea, we followed it: we microwaved the pie for 20 seconds and topped it with Haagen-Dazs vanilla bean ice cream. The ice cream was good. It went well with the pie. We got a lot of interested looks from passersby. I’m not surprised, as it was kind of a spectacle.

Look at that crust!

Look at that crust!

I thought the pie was equally as good as the first. But don’t take my word for it. Here are some quotes from others about the pie:

“This is really great.”

“This apple pie is bangin’.”

“Amazing crust.”

“I don’t really like apple pie, but this has changed my mind.”

“This is the best apple pie I’ve ever tasted.”

Check out that filling!

Check out that filling!

So there you have it. An unexpected second round of apple pie awesomeness from a single recipe. Have you ever gotten an unexpected or bonus round out of a dessert? Have you ever brought desserts into work? Fill us in!




Pie recipe courtesy of smitten kitchenCrust recipe courtesy of smitten kitchen.

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