Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Muffins


I’ve had the idea for making these muffins for a long time. I don’t remember quite when or where I thought of the idea, but it’s been mulling around in my head for a while. I figured someone must have done it before, but I couldn’t find a recipe that really spoke to what I was trying to do. When I finally got around to making them, I was all set to work with one that I had found which looked decent, but I didn’t have the right ingredients.

Then I had a flash of genius. Or maybe just a dash. I remembered the awesome muffins I made using a recipe in one of the Moosewood Cookbooks. I think it’s the first cookbook my mom ever got for me. I’ve made their banana chocolate chip muffins a bunch. (Pun semi-intended.) I hadn’t made them in a while, but every time I had made them, they were totally awesome and everyone loved them. It’s definitely the recipe I’ve used most from that book. In fact, I think it was making those muffins many years ago which prompted me to have to buy muffin tins of my own. It’s those muffin tins that I still use today.

Their recipe is plain, and they have a lot of different options that you can use to make different kinds of muffins. I guess must use would be a better description of the recipe, as they say you can’t really make them plain. Since they use it as a base for all of their muffins, I thought why not use it as a base for my muffins?

Those of you who know the Moosewood Cookbook are probably a little confused and/or shocked right now. How could I take a recipe from a healthy cookbook and turn it into something so unhealthy? Isn’t that heresy? Well, maybe. But hopefully the base of the recipe will make the muffins a little healthy. And it’s a good recipe in any case.

Since I was kinda making up the recipe, I just had to wing it as far as the ingredients went. I had four eggs left in the fridge that I wanted to use up. The base recipe called for two, so I put aside the other two for scrambled eggs. I used four strips of bacon. It seemed like enough. I cooked the bacon a couple of minutes on each side. (It was already pre-cooked.) I let it sit while I cooked the scrambled eggs in the bacon grease. I let everything cool so as to not mess up the muffin mixture.


I then made the base muffin recipe. I added in the bacon and eggs. I also added some shredded cheese. (I used Trader Joe’s Light ShreddedThree Cheese Blend.) Then I baked per the instructions.

A few other notes: I didn’t have vegetable oil handy, so I used olive oil. I sprayed the muffin cups, but I only had four left. So I put the rest directly into the muffin tin. I put the bacon, egg, and cheese in when it said to put in the fruits and veggies. The other options listed in the book called for approximately two cups of “stuff” on top of the base recipe. So I used two cups of stuff as well. The eggs and bacon (ripped into pieces) added up to about one cup, so I then added one cup of the shredded cheese.

I baked them for a total of 25 minutes. At first, they didn’t seem done. It could have been because of cheese making them seem gooeyin the middle. They smelled delicious. My wife said she could smell the bacon and cheese while they were baking. I removed them from the tins and let them cool on a wire rack.

So how did this amalgamation of a healthy muffin with decidedly unhealthy ingredients turn out? I tasted one before it even really cooled, while it was still warm. Wow. It was delicious. They had a great texture: crisp on the outside and moist on the inside.

Some muffins had more eggs and bacon, some had less. I guess that’s to be expected. I probably could have put more eggs and bacon in. Maybe another one or two eggs and maybe another couple of strips of bacon. I would then reduce the cheese to compensate, so there’s the same total amount of “stuff” in them.


I used the lower end of the scale for the amount of brown sugar they suggested. But since the recipe is a little sweet to begin with, they turned out a little sweet. Not super sweet, but they were definitely sweeter than you might expect for a savory muffin. So maybe they’re swavory? (Remember that word. It’ll be the next big thing, and you heard it here first.) I would reduce the brown sugar in the recipe, too.

They were really good for the first few days, but after a while something changed in the texture. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but my guess is it was the eggs that ended up being weird. Maybe they needed to be reheated? Maybe they just don’t last that many days? Maybe the recipe needs to be tweaked a little bit.

All in all, not bad for my first attempt at making this. My wife mentioned that I totally frankensteined it. To which I replied, the original recipe is itself kind of a frankenstein to begin with.

Let me know if you try these out, and if so, how they turn out for you. I’d also love to hear if you have a favorite Moosewood recipe. And if you’ve ever had anything swavory, we definitely must talk!

Base muffin recipe courtesy of Moosewood.*

* I got the recipe from their awesome cookbook, Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home. They don’t have the recipe online, but if you’re interested, you should really buy the book. (I’m not making any money off of this, I just think they’re kinda amazing.)


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