Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pie


As you may remember from last week’s post, I made a delicious Salted Caramel Apple Pie. There were a lot of leftover ingredients. Not leftover pie, rather leftover ingredients. I just couldn’t fit any more into the pie dish. Whenever you make a pie, there’s normally leftover dough, but this time there was leftover apple filling and caramel, too. Rather than let all the leftover ingredients go to waste, I was determined to do something with them.

I think it was my wife who mentioned the idea of hand pies. So I did some research. I found some hand pie recipes, and I read through them so I could get a general idea of how to make them, how long to bake them, etc.


Seven hand pies waiting to be made.

Eventually I found one that I could use. I followed the instructions for the dough, even though that dough was different than the dough I had leftover. I used a cup to cut out circles. I rolled out the dough over and over, reusing scraps. I ended up with enough to make 14 circles, which meant 7 hand pies.

I followed the instructions for the hand pies. I put my apple filling in the middle, but where they used caramel candies and salt, I used my salted caramel sauce. Some of the early ones had too much liquid, so I tried to be careful when doing later ones. Also, my apples were long and thin, so they were a little harder to fit inside.



(Baker’s Note: After using up the rest of the apple mixture for this recipe, I still had some caramel sauce leftover, so I feel I might have shortchanged the original pie. (Sorry birthday girl!) There just wasn’t any more room for it in the pie. I also still had a tiny bit of dough left, but not enough to do anything with.)

I continued following their instructions. I put the second piece on top and used a fork to crimp. Some dough circles were different than others, due to how I rolled them, floured them, etc. Some were thinner or thicker, some stiffer or more pliable. Some ended up kinda being in layers from not being rolled well enough. Plus, between the big apple pieces and liquid, and lots of caramel, some of them didn’t close up properly. Which means some had liquid/caramel oozing out, some had apples poking at the edge, some had stiff dough that didn’t crimp well. It wasn’t perfect, but I did my best. (And it’s not entirely unexpected when you frankenstein a couple of recipes together.)



Then I transferred them to a plate. I removed the original wax paper and put down new wax paper, because by this point, the first sheet of wax paper was a mess. (What with all the oozing and such.) They still oozed a bit at the end, but I think this helped some. I used an egg wash. I used a fork to spread it on top, and I wiped down any excess egg or filling that oozed out.

I started with baking them on the shorter side (about 12 minutes), just in case the original recipe worked differently than my version did. I checked them at that point, and it seemed like they should go the whole 15 minutes, so I did that. They came out looking great, smelling great, and oozing a lot. (Yes, there was lots of oozing the whole time through.) It was like a yummy looking, delicious smelling, big ol’ heapin’ mess. I let them cool. The recipe said to wait 10 minutes before eating. These would have to wait a bit longer, until after dinner.

Crimped, with egg wash.

Crimped, with egg wash.

They were very simple and easy to make. It took maybe a little over an hour from start to finish including baking time. (Well I guess they were simple and easy at that point, after all the work I had already put in on making the original pie.)

Some of the filling oozed out (yes, more oozing), and as it cooled, it turned into this caramel-y, slightly apple-y, slightly mushy stuff. So, kinda like a caramel halo or tail coming off the hand pies.

Fresh out of the oven. Note the halos.

Fresh out of the oven. Note the halos.

And lest you think I forgot the most important part: they were delicious. They tasted a lot like the apple pie did. (I know, shocking.) But they were more compact, and had a higher dough to filling ratio. It’s possible I liked them better. Maybe because I like dough a lot? Maybe because they were ones I had more recently? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t turn either of them away.

So go ahead and try these yourselves. I would never suggest making the original pie recipe and then using the leftovers to make these. Or maybe I would? Or maybe you want to try out the recipe as is, and let me know? Or maybe you want to tell me about other interesting recipe mash-ups you’ve done? I’d love to know!

Extreme hand pie close-up.

Extreme hand pie close-up.

Recipe adapted from Just A Taste.*

*When I say adapted, I mean used for inspiration and some of the instructions. Details on original pie recipe which provided the leftovers, can be found here and here. Also, I used this recipe for research.


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