The Baked Brownie With Rice Crispies and Toffee


Regular readers of this blog may think they’re experiencing déjà vu. Don’t worry, you’re not imagining having seen this recipe before. It’s not exactly the same as the last time I posted it, but it’s close. I used the same recipe, but I didn’t have any pretzels handy. I still wanted something crunchy, so I used rice crispies.

As far as other ingredients, I used a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chunks which was only 10 ounces, and for the last ounce I used semi-sweet chocolate chips. (Thank you digital scale!) The butter took a while, as it wasn’t quite at room temperature. But I broke it up, kept the temperature low, and kept stirring. No problem.


I took the chocolate/butter and poured the mixture into a bowl in which i had already measured the sugar. It mixed very easily, and was less grainy than last time. I did it all by hand again. I didn’t use a mixer. It was fun and old-fashioned.

I used a volume of rice crispies equal to the volume of pretzels originally called for. The rice crispies smell great when cooked. I could smell them all the way from the living room. The brownies themselves look and smell delicious again.


I had to bake them for 2 minutes longer than last time (a total of 32 minutes). This time it made 28 brownies. The vagaries of cutting, I guess.

My all-star taste tester (my lovely wife) said they were fudgey and chocolately, but not too sweet. She said the rice crispies have a good crunch, but they are missing the hint of salt from the pretzels. She suggested maybe adding salt separately. Perhaps on top?

After a couple of days, the rice crispies lose their crunch. They’re still tasty, just not so crunchy.

I’m sure you could change this recipe up by substituting all sorts of different things on top. Potato chips come to mind, for instance. Let me know what you think of this variation, or any other variations you come up with, in the comments below.

Original recipe courtesy of Baked, via The Crepes of Wrath.


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