Try My Cookies At The Brooklyn Cookie Takedown!

If you’re like most people in the US, you’re probably just starting to think about eating again after the massive amounts of food at Thanksgiving. If your thinking includes thinking about cookies, you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you’ve been reading my posts and wondering how you could get your hands on some yummy cookies that I made? Well wonder no further. I’ll be bringing cookies to the Brooklyn Cookie Takedown. It’s next Saturday & Sunday (December 6 & 7) at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY.

In case you’re not familiar with the Cookie Takedown, it’s a massive cookie competition. Whole bunches of cookie makers (like me) bring their cookies. Then whole bunches of cookie eaters (like you) come in and sample all the cookies. People vote. Winners win stuff.

I’ve never been to it before (although I’ve heard about their various Takedowns), but it sounds like a blast. I’ve never been to a cookie competition before, actually. I’ll have to bake huge multitudes of cookies before going. I’ll have the assistance of my lovely wife, but it’s still a big undertaking. I’m excited and up for the challenge!

I’m going to make my Millionaire’s Shortbread. It’s a cookie I’m very familiar with, it’s delicious, and it’s always a crowd pleaser.

If you’re in or near Brooklyn, you should come check it out. I’d be honored if you thought my cookies were the best, but I wouldn’t be offended if you liked someone else’s better. I’m sure there’s bound to be some intense competition.

It’s happening next Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be there Saturday. See you there?


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