Double Chocolate BBQ Potato Chip Cookies


If you read my previous post, you’ll know that I tried making these cookies already. They were what I categorize as a “delicious mistake”. They were tasty, but not quite what I intended. I decided to try them again.

Figuring the issue with the original batch was that I had used gluten-free flour (which had not failed me previously, btw), I decided to try making them with regular flour. I’m glad I did. They turned out awesome.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m a big fan of BBQ potato chips. While some people I spoke to thought the idea of BBQ potato chips in a cookie was a strange idea, I never  did. BBQ potato chips are tasty. Depending on the chip, they have a slightly spicy flavor and knowing that similar spicy flavors go well with chocolate, I was pretty sure these would work out well.

The chips did work out well, but not exactly how I thought they would. There was a slight BBQ chip flavor in the cookie, with just a hint of the saltiness. Some people could taste it, some people couldn’t. For me, it was just a hint, and I would have been happy with even a little bit more.

But where the BBQ chips really shined in the cookies was the texture. Some people like cookies to be soft. Some people like them to be hard, or crunchy. These cookies are the best of both worlds. The dough part of the cookie is soft and yummy. But the chips! The chips maintain their texture. And since they’re scattered throughout the dough, they provide an amazing crunch in an otherwise soft cookie.


Not to mention they look beautiful. The pieces of the chips are all irregular. They have peaks and valleys. Some curl back over themselves. Some stick straight out. Some burrow beneath the surface of the cookie. Each cookie is like a work of art. Unique. Amazing. Delicious.

I’ll also say that one of the most fun parts of making the cookies was breaking the BBQ chips by hand. This wasn’t mentioned in the recipe, but, for me at least, it was absolutely required. Given the aforementioned irregularity of the chips, if you just put in 2 cups of them, there wouldn’t have been that many. They’re big and oddly shaped, and they don’t fit that well into a measuring cup. You have to break them into smaller pieces so more will fit in.

Maybe there’s not supposed to be that many in there, and by breaking them down smaller, I actually put more in than were supposed to be in the original recipe. I don’t think that’s the case, but it’s possible. Since I like BBQ potato chips anyway, if that’s so, for me at least, the more merrier. I guess one way to solve it would be if the recipe used a measurement of weight or mass (ounces, grams, etc.) as opposed to a measurement of volume (cups). You can read more about my thoughts on measuring here.

Try out the recipe yourself, and let me know how it goes. I’m particularly interested in what kind of BBQ chips you use and whether or not you can taste the BBQ flavor in the cookies.

Recipe courtesy of the Pescetarian and the Pig.


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