Millionaire’s Rice Crispy Treats


So I really enjoy making millionaire’s shortbread. I’m told it’s a Scottish dessert, and while I had already had it without realizing it was Scottish, it was a Scottish friend who helped turn me on to it. And at his request, I started making it. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s delicious.

When I stick to the original recipe, it’s pretty foolproof. Shortbread, easy. Caramel, now that I know how to make it, easy. Melting chocolate, piece of cake. (Or, you know, chocolate.) But sometimes I like to mix it up. If a recipe is really complicated, it can be hard to change things up, as all the different components could be out of whack if you change or remove one. But if it’s straightforward to begin with, then it’s easy to imagine how you can change it.

I tried changing it too much with the peanut butter chocolate crusted millionaire’s rice crispy treats. Not only did I swap out the shortbread for rice crispy treats, I also added a crust. It was too much. So I thought I would try it again without the crust, as I think the rest of it was pretty sound.

And you know what? It was. It turned out great. Obviously the texture and taste is a little different, but it goes well together. The chocolate and the caramel go well with the rice crispies.

View from above

View from above

Those of you who have a keen eye might notice a problem with this recipe. This blog is called “Needs Baked”, and by substituting rice crispy treats for shortbread, there is no baking involved. That is technically correct, and you get bonus points for noticing. But because it’s an adaptation of a recipe I’ve already done that originally involved baking, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch. Just to be sure though, I got permission from my editor (me), who didn’t mind that I broke the rules.

One thing to note is that the original shortbread recipe calls for a smaller dish, while the rice crispy treats call for a 13 x 9 dish. Using this bigger dish means that there is a lot more surface area for the caramel and chocolate to cover, so they end up making much thinner layers. It still tastes delicious, but if you want the caramel and chocolate to have the same proportion as in the original recipe, just increase accordingly.

One other thing I’ll note is my Scottish friend’s reaction to all of this. When I first made this, I posted pictures and descriptions online. He saw them and had a one word reaction: “Heresy!”. I will agree that it is heresy. Delicious, delicious heresy.

Try it out for yourself. Do you like it as much as the original recipe? Better? Worse? Do you consider it heresy? Let me know in the comments.

Original millionaire’s shortbread recipe adapted from Original rice crispy treats recipe from


Follow the recipe at for making rice crispy treats. For the topping, follow my recipe for making millionaire’s shortbread, but skip the shortbread, and use the rice crispy treats instead. Voila!



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