Chocolate Crusted Banana Blondies


This was one of the best recipes I made recently. I often read the New York Times for news, but not usually for recipes. If they’re all like this, I may have to rethink that. These were great. There are delicious flavors and a nice set of different textures. Everyone really loved them. No one normally turns down free dessert, but my friends gobbled these up.

At first glance, you might think that they are healthy because of the word “banana”. It’s true, there are bananas in the recipe, and they are great. But these blondies are mostly butter and sugar. Rich, buttery, sweet, delicious, and totally unhealthy butter and sugar. A little butter and sugar is fine. And while a couple of these will also be fine, don’t fool yourself into thinking they’re healthy. I made them a few times, and each time I made them, I took out a little bit more butter to see how it would go. They’re still delicious, and you wouldn’t even know the difference.

I also made these gluten-free. It was actually pretty simple. I substituted my go-to gluten-free flour (Trader Joe’s Gluten Free All Purpose Flour) for the regular flour. I also substituted gluten-free cookies for the regular ones. These worked out well, and I’m sure there are lots of other good choices.

As for other ingredients, I made them without the walnuts. No offense to walnuts, I’m just not really into them. I also used the vanilla, not the rum. I also only used one type of brown sugar. I didn’t use any flaky sea salt.

The deliciousness of these really inspired me to put crusts on other things. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (as you’ll see in upcoming posts). But now I understand the principle of crushing up previously made things (cookies, graham crackers, cereal, etc.) to use in cookies. It worked well for graham cracker crust. And I’m excited to use the idea on other things as well. As I’m making more and more of other people’s recipes, I’m starting to internalize more how they work. I want to make more of my own recipes some day, so this is the perfect training.

I also loved the metric measurements on the recipe. They make measuring a lot easier. You can read more about my take on measuring here.

I’d like to think about making them with a more healthy recipe. One with much less butter and sugar. I realize those things are part of what makes these so darn good. But I think it’s possible to make something similar without sooooo much butter and sugar. I started reducing the butter (as I mentioned above), but I think I want to rewrite it. Or maybe I should just be inspired by it, and make something completely from scratch. It’s such a great idea to begin with, I just hope I can make something else that lives up to the reputation.

In the meantime, go check out the recipe. Try it and let me know what you think of it as is, or with less butter and sugar, in the comments below.

Recipe from The New York Times.


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